Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: A Touch of Sand by Nicole Brugger-Dethmers

When gently-born Angeline is kidnapped by the Sandman, Nicholas, a servant, sets off to find her—even though in order to do so, he must acknowledge the feelings he has for her. Feelings which might scandalize society. 

This story is the first story in Paramourtal, an anthology of paranormal romance tales. It started with great intrigue. Even though I wasn't transported back to whatever time period this took place (it didn't specify, but from the story my guess is Regency or Victorian), my interest was immediately sparked by the main character, Angeline, and Somnus the Sandman. Actually, Somnus was such an intriguing character that I found myself rooting for him throughout this story. Even so, the story ended on a satisfactory note. I wonder what the author might have done with it if she had been given more space. 

In a word, this story was:


Find Paramourtal here. Join me tomorrow as I read and review the second story in this anthology!


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