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  • The Amber Quill - homosexual (M/M) romances. They have calls for submissions, as linked, but don't accept stories outside of those calls.
  • Amira Press - All genres of romance and erotica except M/M. Wordcount (WC) 20,000-85,000.
  • Asylett Press - contemporary, fantasy, futuristic, historical, gothic, mystery, paranormal, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, science fiction, time travel, western. WC 50,000-150,000.
  • Aspen Mountain Romance - historical (regency), contemporary, M/M, erotica stories, and select paranormal. WC 20,000-90,000.
  • Blade Publishing - All subgenres. WC 15,000+
  • Breathless Press - all heat levels in all subgenres. WC 1,500-100,000.
  • Carnal Desires Publishing - Erotic works only, all subgenres. WC 20,000-90,000.
  • Cerridwen Press - Sensual, not erotic. Currently under temporary hiatus. Check back with the website.
  • Changeling Press - sci-fi, futuristic, cyber-punk, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, action/adventure, time travel, BDSM, and fetish club, all erotic. WC 10,000-28,000. Any serials must be submitted as a complete set.
  • Cobblestone - action/adventure, African-American, contemporary, fantasy, futuristic/sci-fi, M/M, historical, interracial, menage, paranormal, romantic comedy, time travel, thriller/suspense, urban fantasy. WC 10,000-65,000.
  • Dorchester Publishing - historical (set before 1900), futuristic, time travel, paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, romantic suspense. WC 75,000-90,000.
  • Ellora's Cave - erotic romance, all subgenres. WC 10,000-120,000.
  • Extasy Books - all subgenres and heat levels. WC 16,000+
  • Imajinn Books - specializes in the unusual, erotica (WC 15,000-90,000, all subgenres) regency (WC 50,000-90,000), and paranormal (WC 70,000-90,000).
  • Liquid Silver Books - All subgenres. WC 15,000+
  • Loose-Id - contemporary, historical, pararnormal, sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, M/M,  menage, BDSM. WC 20,000-120,000.
  • Lyrical Press - All subgenres. WC 15,000-100,000. Print considered for 60,000-90,000 words.
  • Mundania Press - paranormal romance. WC 30,000-120,000.
  • MuseItHOT Publishing - All subgenres, any heat level. WC 3,000+
  • Red Rose Publishing - holiday themed, gothic/horror, interracial/multicultural.
  • Resplendence Publishing - historical (non-regency), paranormal, contemporary, romantic suspense, and erotic romance. WC 12,000-90,000.
  • Samhain - all subgenres, all heat levels. WC 12,000-120,000.
  • Torquere Books - M/M romance in all subgenres
  • Total E-Bound - action/adventure, BDSM, romantic comedy, contemporary, western, fantasy/fairytale, futuristic/sci-fi, M/M, historical, menage, paranormal, timetravel, thrillers, shapeshifters, vampires/werewolves. WC up to 100,000.
  • Wild Rose Publishing - romantic suspense, erotica, paranormal, historical, western, contemporary, and vintage (1900-1990). WC 7,500-100,000.


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*This information current as of May 2010. If I have overlooked some information, or if the information has changed without my knowledge, please contact me at c(dot)hanoux(at)hotmail(dot)com with the corrections. If I neglected to include your name or publishing company and you would like it added, contact me at the same address. Conversely, if I have included you and you decide that you would not like your name to be shown, shoot off a quick email to me at c(dot)hanoux(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll take you off the list.