Wednesday, November 17, 2010


According to the Dictionary of Mythology by J. A. Coleman (Arcturus Publishing, 2007), an incubus is:


a devil in male body: a spirit attacking women during the night

Early accounts regard the incubus as a fallen angel. In some accounts, the incubus rides his victim, sometimes even to the point of death from exhaustion. The offspring of such a union are monsters of all descriptions. 

Whereas in the same book, a succubus is:


a demon in the form of a female which attacks sleeping men and has intercourse with them.

I've read many accounts of incubi/succubi where these creatures are similar to vampires. But instead of feeding off of blood, they feed off of sexual desire and sexual energy. While this is undoubtedly good fodder for an erotic romance novel, most authors prefer to stick with traditional vampires. While certainly, there are books featuring these creatures, I have read none of them. 

Does anyone else know a book featuring these creatures that they would like to recommend?


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Next week, I'll be moving on to genie lore with some exciting guests!



  1. I cant remember any straight incubus/sucubus books, but the anita blake series by Laurell K Hamilton has Jean Claude's line of vampiress wich are incubus/sucubus...actually its Bella Mortes line, but then he becomes his own line...yeah anyway they feed of sexual energy

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