Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Dark Legacy by Elizabeth Ireland

The Guardian of the family lake has always been a member of Katherine's family, always one half of a happily married couple, who can only be reunited with their love when the next guardian takes over. As Katherine leaves her husband to pack away her dead grandmother's things at the lake house, she worries that the next guardian will be her. 

As I read the second story of the Paramourtal anthology, I was disappointed. Although intriguing, I found it flat. I didn't feel the bond between Katherine and Patrick, and to be honest, didn't care whether or not Katherine was the next Guardian. I felt no connection to the main characters and only a passing interest in the plot. If I had picked up this book in a store, this second story would have been one I'd skipped over. 

In a word, it was


Find Paramourtal here. Join me tomorrow as I review the third story in the Paramourtal anthology!


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