Sunday, November 21, 2010

GINA GORDON: My 5 Tips For Writing Love Scenes

I am not ashamed to admit that the sexy times in a romance novel are my favorite parts. Of course I love the sexual tension, the tender moments, the realization of love but nothing gets my blood pumping faster and harder than a good sex scene.  

So what have I learned about writing sex scenes?

1) If it doesn't turn you on, don't write about it.

There is nothing worse than a cold and mechanical love scene. What's even more saddening is a love scene that borders on creepy. If biting makes you cringe, so will your heroine. If being tied up goes against everything you believe in, your heroine will feel the same way.
However, don’t limit yourself either. I find the idea of writing a BDSM story terrifying. But with a little research and some guidance I am slowly learning the emotional and intimate connections that come with a BDSM relationship and feel more confident in order to portray it on paper.

2) It’s not all about mechanics.

Fitting tab A into slot B should not be your main focus. Despite this being about sex, inner dialogue and introspection play a major part in a love scene. Their bodies aren’t the only thing involved. Love, worry, doubt, hope…these are all things to think about when writing a love scene. Besides, the physical, what else is at stake?
Don’t forget about your setting. Where are they? What items are around them?
Use all five senses. Although touching is probably the best part, the scents and sounds of sex are just as important.

3) Always make the first kiss explosive

Now this may not necessarily go with an actual sex scene but in my eyes, it matters. A first kiss should be about fireworks. Hearts should be racing, stomachs should be flip-flopping, hands should be holding on for dear life. It should be fairly long, more than just a sentence or two and intricately describe the intensity and excitement that can only come from the very first time two people's lips touch.

4) Don’t forget your plot

Sex forwards the plot. How many times have I heard that? Too many…because it’s true. Frivolous sex does nothing but give you a quick thrill. If you want your reader to believe your happily ever after, remember that each love scene must be a stepping stone. With every love scene you have to raise the stakes. And I don’t mean make the scene longer or add more positions, etc. (Of course that does help) When I say raise the stakes I am talking about the emotional connection of the characters. Each love scene should reveal a flaw, heighten their level of intimacy or expose a characteristic that brings them closer to their happily ever after. In short, your love scene must have a purpose.

5) For every action, there should be a reaction. 

If the hero kisses the heroine's neck, does she quiver? Does he feel her pulse beat under his lips? If the heroine skims her fingers down the abdomen of her hero, does she feel his goose bumps under her fingertips? Does his stomach tense under her touch? Following this rule not only brings the scene to life but also helps to connect the characters on a deeper level.

Gina Gordon writes romance with sizzling chemistry. Her newest release, Forever in Lingerie, will be released from Lyrical Press, Inc. tomorrow, November 22nd. Find Gina online at her website,


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