Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: The Underlying Beat by Evelyn Welle

When Megan is taxed with the task of convincing the reclusive composer Lee Ching to record with her studio, she finds that meeting with him might just change her life...

I hate to say this, because the story was exceedingly well-written, but what should have been a mysterious, engrossing story was, well, boring. At first, I felt a passing interest in who Lee Ching really was, but that quickly faded past the first few pages. Megan was an interesting character, but not as dynamic as I would have liked her to be. Despite the flawless sentence structure, I found that there was something lacking in this ninth story of the Paramourtal anthology. 

In a word, this story was


Find Paramourtal here. Join me tomorrow for my review of the tenth and final story in Paramourtal


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