Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review: Stone and Sky by Cindy Spencer Pape

When Marc Armel, the prince of the gargoyle clan, finds a harpy washed up on the beach, he immediately takes her under his wing. But after her fall from a cruise ship, Aldara can't seem to remember why it was so important she come to Canada. In fact, the only thing she knows is how incredibly attracted she is to Marc. 

This fourth book of the Stone Heroes series made for a beautiful and alluring conclusion. Again, Cindy has crafted a charming union between Marc and Aldara, one that I couldn't put down. In this book, she finds the perfect balance between sizzling chemistry and touching emotion. Although I was sad to see the end come, the conclusion felt right—not to mention it left me with the hope that she will continue to write books in the world she's laid down for us.

In a word, it was:


Join me tomorrow as I interview the talented author of the Stone Heroes series, Cindy Spencer Pape! If you want to learn more about the fourth book in the series, you can visit her website or purchase it here



  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Clara! So glad you enjoyed it. It's always a little difficult to bring a series to an end, but, of course, it's always possible that one day I'll revisit the gargoyle clan.

  2. I, for one, hope that you do. It was a breathtaking series!

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