Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Stone and Fire by Cindy Spencer Pape

When Dana and Beau meet at their friends' wedding, the chemistry between them sizzles, but after an amazing night, Beau strides out of her life to deal with an emergency at his gargoyle clan. Months later, they meet again in London, both on the lookout for the same magical artifact, and their sexual attraction is rekindled. 

This book promised fire and it delivered! Cindy sure knows how to weave a scorching, emotional tale. I love a man who can't seem to resist a woman, and that seems to be exactly what Dana is to Beau. Add to that the complication of her magically mating him without realizing it, and I was hooked throughout this book. Dana was a well-rounded, complex character whose driven, kick-ass personality perfectly offset Beau's broodiness. Together, they made a pair I'd be willing to read over and over again. The third book of the Stone Heroes series started hot, with Dana and Beau's first encounter, and it only got hotter. 

In a word, this book was:


If you want to be seared by the chemistry, visit Cindy Spencer Pape at her website. Or you can purchase the book here

On Saturday, I'll be reviewing the fourth and final installment of the Stone Heroes series. 


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  1. So glad you liked it, Clara! I'll admit, I loved writing these two. Beau's heartbreaking past really got to me.