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When Clara asked if I had a book with ghosts, I had to snicker. Ghost, witches, and ESP are some of my favorite subjects to work with. I currently have two published with ghosts, spirits, imprints, but no angels; that’s published, not counting those written.  

What is the difference you ask between the four? Or are you asking, how does she know? How does one research ghosts? I certainly don’t have all the fancy, expensive equipment a popular TV show has, and strangers don’t invite me into their haunted houses to experience a showing for myself.

Once, in the middle of the night I woke to a very distinct thump, thump, thump. I gathered all the courage I possessed and tiptoed out hoping and fearing to witness my first specter. With only moonlight through the windows of my hundred year old home lighting my way, I crept from the bedroom. I had reached the dining room on my way to the kitchen where the noise was coming from when dark object hurled past me and hit the floor with a thud. Darn cat! I nearly swallowed my tongue, but is my adventure over? No, the thump, thump, thump is still coming from the kitchen. Once my heart dropped back down from my throat to my chest, I nearly turned tail. Then my stubborn streak came to the surface. On tiptoes again, I made my way again towards the kitchen with fear stronger than my hope at that point. Through the door, around the bar, and there--THERE--was the dog, chewing and pulling on the tendon of a ham bone trapped between his feet. Thump, thump, thump, every time it snapped loose from his teeth. I was actually disappointed. Here I had myself all geared up for a spectacular event, and it was just the dog, but it was a thrill also. The adrenalin did some pumping that night.

That’s why we read ghost stories.

We’ve heard stories from others, and maybe you’re even one of them, who have seen and heard the unexplainable. I admit I’ve never met a ghost, spirit, witnessed an imprint or, as far as I know, ever met an angel. I watch TV, fiction and non-fiction, and I read a lot. Read, as in research as well as novels with little attention to ‘Hollywood’ versions. I’ve made my conclusions, based on what I’ve investigated of people who claim to know, gathered up the most believed opinions and accepted what felt right to me in the way of possibilities. Here are those things that make the most sense to me: 

Ghosts are those who are earthbound, dead but have not passed on to the other realm. They’re stuck in one spot and one time, unless of course, they’re attached to an item that’s moved. Didn’t the little boy say, “They don’t know they’re dead?” Sixth Sense was the first movie in a very long time that got me with a surprise ending and the clues were there, visible once we knew.

Spirits are those who have passed on but return for one reason or another. They can pass through time and space.

Imprints are events with such powerful energies when they occurred that they are embedded in the area where they happened, playing the same scene over and over. No spirits or ghosts are involved, like watching an old movie.

Angels are angels. Though some believe every new born infant provides a body for an angel, others believe that angels are angels are angels and never anything else, both opinions based primarily on religious teachings.

What I find difficult to believe is that something as vibrant as the human spirit simply goes away, ends or ceases to exist when our frail bodies give out on us. Therefore ‘I want to believe’ that there is more. In my book Thirteen Souls, I have ghosts and a spirit with an involuntary medium relating what she sees and hears from them. (Or is she really?) The long winded title is unnecessary based on what I’ve learned of well known mediums. None of them are voluntary, few have only a minimal control over what comes when, and even fewer can clearly interpret what they do see. Ghosts and spirits, it seems are not very cohesive or cooperative. Ghosts may stay to help out in some way as I have them do in Mourning Meadow, (Or did they really?) and spirits may come back to give you some dire warning as took place in Thirteen Souls. That doesn’t mean they’re going to make it easy for you. Where would the mystery of it be if they did? 

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