Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghosts and Poltergeists

We all know what a ghost is, and the Dictionary of Mythology by J. A. Coleman (Arcturus Publishing, 2007) states it perfectly:


an apparition: a spirit of the dead.

These beings appear in mythologies world-wide and take countless forms, sometimes benevolent, sometimes evil.

Similarly, they list a poltergeist as:


a mischievous, noisy spirit alleged to throw things or move them about.

Here are the links to the Wikipedia pages for Ghosts and for Poltergeists.

But when have we read these beings in paranormal romances? To be honest, these books are few and far between. I've seen many like Erin McCarthy's A Date With the Other Side or Lori Foster's short story Tangled Dreams, where ghosts exist in the novel to propel the main characters into a relationship, but rarely are the ghosts themselves the protagonists. Potentially, this could be because the death barrier is a steep one to overcome. However, in paranormals, anything is possible. 

In fact, one of my favorite books by Kresley Cole, Dark Needs at Night's Edge, features a ghost for a heroine. Do you have any favorite paranormal romances featuring ghosts?

Later this week, Larriane Wills will be speaking about ghosts in her works! 


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