Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shifters, Part 4: Unusual Animal Shifters

Now, having talked about werewolves and shapeshifters that shift as a part of their natural physiology, and shapeshifters that shift through the use of magic, I'm going to move on to the animals you don't usually see as shifters. The first, dragons, I have seen in several different books, but the others I have never read. They might be out there, but if so, they haven't yet crossed my path. Let me give you a bit of information on these lovely creatures, anyway.


These creatures of legend were said to be monstrous beasts, which would eat the flesh of virgin maidens. These maidens were sometimes offered up to them as sacrifices to prevent the dragons from attacking their villages. Some legends state that the dragons were guardians of great treasures. Most legends depict brave knights riding out to slay them, such as the Knights of the Round Table.

Books with these unusual shifters include Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Master of Dragons by Angela Knight, Fiery Magic by Raine Delight, and Light My Fire by Jodi Redford.

Sources for more information about dragons include:


Griffins are creatures with the body of a cat, but the wings, beak, and talons of an eagle. Depending on the myth they are either violent or benign. Some myths list their feathers as sources of luck; others say that you cannot tell a lie while around them.

Sources for more information about griffins include:


Centaurs are creatures with the body of a horse but the torso of a (wo)man. They are said to be excellent archers and stalwart fighters. Some sources list them as good diviners.

More sources about centaurs include:


Unicorns are horse-like creatures with large horns, similar to those of narwhals, protruding from their foreheads. Some sources say that it is bad luck to kill one.

More sources about unicorns include:


Phoenixes are immortal birds. They go through life cycles but at the end of which, instead of dying, they burst into flame and are reborn from the ashes.

More sources about phoenixes include:

Thanks for joining me! Next week I'll be moving on to my final post regarding shifters. A review of Mary Winter's Twin Spirits is still forthcoming!



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