Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: Twin Spirits by Mary Winter

Twin Spirits by Mary Winter is a paranormal menage. When two hot shapeshifting polar bear twins each recognize shaman-trained Louhi as their mate, they start to butt heads. Can they convince her to accept them both in time for her to strike a deal with the wandering Night Demons?

This book promises intrigue and delivers from the very first page. The chemistry between Louhi and the twins is explosive. She seems torn between Hans and Marc, wanting them both, but feeling guilty for adding tension between them. Although I found her wishy-washy attitude to be a bit annoying at times—first, she would push one away, then on the next page, drag him closer for a toe curling kiss—the tension and the hot sex more than made up for it. My sympathy started with Hans, but thankfully, by the time he and Louhi rocked the truck with their lovemaking, I wanted Marc to be able to win her over, too. The unique plot had me quickly flipping the pages to discover whether or not they would win out the day. Although this is not the first book in the series, someone who hasn't read the others would be able to easily understand what was going on. 

The only thing I might caution readers about is the typos. I bought this book straight from the website and as I was reading, it soured me to the story a bit to find it riddled with mistakes and typos. If you can overlook that in the book, as I quickly learned to in this, it is a quick, hot read. 

Mary Winter writes earthshaking tension and chemistry coupled with irresistible characters. In a word, Twin Spirits was:


Visit Mary Winter's site online here. Buy the book from Pink Petal Books here



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