Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: It's Still Tomorrow by Larion Wills

Sara Beth is running from a past -- and a wicked rival -- when she finally decides to visit the house she inherited from her rich boss. Without a job, she struggles to do the best she can, but she has no intention of staying in any place that reminds her of the past. Will Dem be able to convince her to accept herself, her house, and him?

This book kept me reading from start to finish. Ms. Wills does a fantastic job of weaving in clues and facts as she goes along. It's Still Tomorrow presented an entirely different side of witchcraft, and I soaked it up. Instead of blatantly showcasing it or making it a secret from most of society, the witchcraft element is added in subtly. Why? Because Sara Beth is running from that part of her past and has decided never to use her powers again. But she's unable to block it completely away, and therefore she knows things about people. She tosses out prophecies and insights without meaning to, but luckily there's another witch nearby so the town is somewhat used to this odd behaviour. Sara is a character I easily related to with a past that kept me turning the pages.

And what woman wouldn't fall in love with Dem?

In a word, this book is


Join me on Friday as I interview the author of this delightful tale!



  1. Thank you, Clara. I am so glad you liked my story. I certainly had fun writing it. I love both Sara Beth and Dem. Even the supporting characters were fun. Even through the suspense and bad times, they kept their sense of humor.

  2. I love Larion's voice...or should I say voices? Like her, I am a Muse author, so I have had the rare privilege of knowing Larion in all her guises. Everyone of them is astounding. If ever the world needed the two voice this woman can call upon it is now.

    Excellent review Larriane/Larion and Clara.

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