Monday, February 21, 2011

GINA GORDON: I Love Romance

Reading and writing romance is all about hope--the promise of a happily ever after. There are some books out there that don't end in a happily ever after or imply that there "could" be one but in my opinion, why would you want to read that? lol

I read and write romance to get swept away. I want to fall in love right along with the hero and heroine. I want to experience every kiss, sense every touch and feel every flutter. For me, a story isn't complete without some emotional connection between a man and woman. It's what makes television shows like Bones and The X-Files interesting--sexual tension and the possibility of a hook up!

Workplace romances are full of the possibility for sexual tension. They're taboo and some employers even have strict no-dating policies. But you can't help who you love no matter where you work, no matter what the rules. And that's exactly what happens between Caroline and Hayden in my newest release, The Only Exception.

It was the idea of a winter work retreat in the middle of nowhere that came to me before the actual characters. Snow can be very romantic. Especially white, untouched snow surrounding a cabin with roaring fires and champagne. Add a little music and you can't help but think sexy thoughts.

Caroline and Hayden definitely make the most of their surroundings. Not just sexually but emotionally. The winter air sheds light on their true selves. In the end, making it difficult for either to walk away.

The Only Exception

Two co-workers, one work retreat and explosive chemistry. The Canadian winter doesn’t stand a chance.

For Caroline Carlson, business is business. She will not let her profession define her. She’ll never make that mistake again. When she finds herself forced to attend a manager’s retreat in the middle of winter with her arrogant co-workers, the line between business and pleasure is blurred. Especially, since she’s forced to spend the time with Hayden, the man who has secured the starring role in her sexy dreams.

Hayden Cross is the new manager on the block. The retreat is a chance to let loose and get away from the daily grind. Until one night when a chance encounter with Caroline at a club morphs his plan into a personal dare. He is mesmerized by the sexy woman writhing on the dance floor. She’s a fantasy come to life.

Caroline is convinced that Hayden is just another man who wants the fantasy but his sexual advances are too hard to ignore. The more time they spend together the hotter it gets and the Canadian winter doesn't stand a chance.

Gina Gordon is an erotica and romance author living in Ontario, Canada. To learn more about Gina, check out her website at


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