Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: She's No Faerie Princess by Christine Warren

This book, although I've owned it for years, is still my favourite paranormal fairy romance. In fact, it is the book which made me a fan of Christine Warren. And here's why: 

Niece to the Faerie Queen, Fiona seeks to take a vacation from a life of politics. To that end, she escapes to New York City despite the ban placed by the Queen on all inter-world travel. There, she meets the gruff, sensual Tobias Walker. But while she is determined to lure him into bed, he seems determined to keep their relationship on a professional level. 

The tension in this book was so thick, even closing the cover couldn't dispel it from my brain. Whenever I want a fun, sensual read, I turn to this book. Warren, as she proves with each of her books, is a master at creating crackling chemistry and ground-shaking lust between the main characters, never more so than in She's No Faerie Princess. This one should go on any paranormal romance lover's must-read list. 

In a word, this book was:


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