Wednesday, July 28, 2010

L. K. BELOW: Why Shifters?

Last week, I spoke to you about the witches in my story, His Familiar Touch. Today, I'm going to talk about the shifters. 

For this story, the reason I chose shifters was simple: I wanted to explore the relationship between witches and familiars. In His Familiar Touch, Rikkita is unable to shift because she is a familiar. Until she finds her witch and touches his skin, she cannot use her full abilities—and she is effectively a cougar trapped in a human body. When she learns of this, she travels across San Jose on her search for her witch, and that is when she meets Derek, who takes it upon himself to educate her as to the witch-familiar relationship. 

For the first part of her life, Rikkita exists without powers. If after she touches her witch, she disappears to lead her own life, the witch would then have no powers. It is a symbiotic relationship that I tried to create between the two. Neither is whole without the other, and together, their powers are amplified. 

That is the primary reason I chose shifters in this case, but I have always been drawn to them. Why? I think it is because of their animalistic nature. While writing Rikkita, I certainly had fun using animal metaphors. She's very blunt, very direct, and she thinks in primal ways. But that's part of her charm. 

If you want to read His Familiar Touch to find out for yourself, you can find it in Paramourtal this August. Keep an eye on my blog, Twitter, or facebook page (links below) and I'll let you know when it's out!

L. K. Below blogs about her life, her works, and just about anything on her mind at You can find her on Twitter at @LBelowtheauthor or view her fan Facebook page here. Check out her debut paranormal romance story, His Familiar Touch, this August in Paramourtal!


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