Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music In Writing

Some writers can't write if there's any noise going on in the background, let alone music. Others, like Sonya Clark, just can't get in the writing groove without listening to a good song or two. 

I'll admit, most times, I fit under the second category. But unlike some authors, who have playlists depending on mood, etc., I operate on a one-song-per-book basis. I like to find the song that seems to symbolize my characters and their budding relationship. Then I loop it while writing, or stop to listen to it as I'm trying to imagine what will happen next. 

But sometimes, listening to your favourite song can be distracting. I know sometimes I end up singing along instead of writing. If you have the same problem, I recommend finding a song without words. The flow of the music will be the same, and if the emotion in the piece is good, it will have the same effect. I know that not everyone is a fan of classical music. Some find it tedious and boring. My advice to you? Find a good contemporary musician. They do exist. Thanks to a post by L. K. Below, I think I might have found mine in Mitchell Carrington

What about you? Do you prefer to write with music or without? 



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