Thursday, April 1, 2010

GINA GORDON: What Fantasies Are Made Of

What's in a fantasy?

Is it our secret desires? Is it a way of reliving an enjoyable experience? Is it something we use to escape from our everyday lives?

Actually, it's all of the above.

Fantasies are an unrestrained use of the imagination. After all, it's where we harbor the most intimate parts of ourselves—what turns us on, what gets us hot, new things we want to try.

It's our job as writers to dig deep and bring those fantasies to life. Fantasies that you, as a reader, may never utter out loud. Maybe, just maybe, we can even introduce you to a fantasy you didn't even think you were capable of. However, you don't have to be a take-action kind of person in order to enjoy your new-found "interests". The best part of a well-written erotic romance is that it will scoop you up and take you along for the ride as if you were experiencing every passionate kiss and cataclysmic release.

According to Anita Naik, the top six female fantasies are:

-To be taken by a stranger

-To be with someone famous

-To have a threesome

-To have sex with another woman

-To have someone watch

-To be punished/spanked

These fantasies are used over and over again in the erotica and romance industry. Why? They are tried-and-true scenarios that will catch the reader's attention. I've written about three of them myself. But how do we take those fantasies to the next level? How do we make each story unique—by playing the "what if" game. By playing the "what if" game, each writer infuses their own individuality into their work.

I played the "what if" game one morning as I stood in line to buy my coffee and watched a man and woman shamelessly flirt with one another. My mind took a dirty turn and the "what if"s started flying. What if he or she had been eying the other for months? What if this was a planned meeting? What if they left here this very minute and hooked up? Where would they go? And so the idea for my first published work came to fruition. Her Five Favourite Words. An erotic short story about lattes and sex with a stranger.

For me, being free to let my mind wander to sexy places or even dark places is the best part about being a writer. Any time of day, I can vacation to my own little world where sex is not taboo, living out your fantasies is not frowned upon and where there is always a happily ever after.

Thank you, Clara, for having me as a guest.

Gina Gordon

Gina Gordon loves dreaming up exciting characters who find love, and sometimes a steamy encounter, in the most unusual places. Her Five Favorite Words will be released on April 2nd from Breathless Press. Visit Gina's official website at


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